How to remove the sticker from the back cover of Believe Training Journal

Believe Training Journal sticker on back cover BTJ

A few readers have written to us to let us know that they’ve had trouble removing the sticker on the back cover of the Believe Training Journals. We hear you, and we will try some new decal options that will peel more easily.

To make the journals widely available, the back cover must meet certain specifications including a bar code. The pressed cover material that makes the journals look so cool on the bookshelf can’t hold a bar code, so we must use a sticker on the back cover. If we put the bar code on the shrink wrap instead of the back cover, then a customer who removed the shrink wrap to take a look inside the book would also remove the bar code and make the book unsellable (from the bookstore’s point of view). When the journals ship from the printer, the weight of all the cases really presses down the sticker on the back.

In other words, we’re a little “stuck” in that we need a sticker on the book that will stay on in the store yet come off at home. We haven’t found the right balance yet, but we’ll keep trying.

To remove the decal from the back cover of your Believe Training Journal, try these steps:

  • Peel off the decal as soon as possible after purchase. Older decals are harder to remove.
  • If the decal tears and some remains stuck to the back cover, please take a clean cloth and dampen it with warm, soapy water. The back cover is made of a synthetic leather that is durable, so the decal and adhesive should rub off without scuffing the cover. We’ve cleaned the decals off some test books this way and they look great.
  • Leather cleaners also work well, if you have them handy.
  • We don’t recommend citrus cleaners, which are great for bike chains, but perhaps too harsh for this cover.
Believe Training Journal sticker on back cover
We cleaned the decal off this journal’s back cover with warm, soapy water.

Good news! The new Compete Training Journal uses a completely different method to affix a decal to the back cover. These new “glue dots” will come off very easily and should not leave marks on the book. The new Believe Logbook uses a band taped around the back cover and it slips off easily.