How to Stretch Your Hips and Gain Mobility

Hit Reset Erin Taylor HR hip stretch

This article is an excerpt from Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor. In this comprehensive guide, Taylor identifies the 10 most common issues holding athletes back and gives specific poses to solve them. In addition, the book incorporates breathing and focus exercises to make you a stronger athlete in both body and mind.

Hit Reset Erin Taylor HR hip stretchNo athlete wants to lose their edge, but be wary of the price you pay by pushing through pain. Your body will compensate for tight hips in some not so cool ways: ITB problems, knee issues and low back pain can all be attributed to limited mobility. There’s no need to conform to stiffness; you can regain movement by regularly stretching and checking in with your hips.

PROBLEM: Your super-tight hip and glute muscles have locked your booty resulting in a limited range of motion and lack of mobility.

SOLUTION: Move those hips! Unlock your bodies true potential by incorporating non-habitual movement such as rotation and moving side to side.

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

Once you Hit Reset and experience the relief of more mobile hips, you’ll be motivated to keep it up with consistent work.

Gain balance, strength, and mobility with Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga For Athletes by Erin TaylorThe HIT RESET approach uses yoga to solve the specific problems you face as an athlete. Her revolutionary way to do yoga can improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle recruitment, breathing and focus, core strength, and durability.