Indoor Cycling Workouts: The TV Special

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Few of us really like riding the trainer, but when we just can’t face the winter weather, putting in some time on the trainer will pay off next season. The TV Special workout turns off-season tube time into better aerobic fitness and a more efficient pedal stroke.

Base Workout: The TV Special

Total time: 52-82 min.

W/U:   17 min.

5:00     Pedal easy.

12:00   3x (1:00 right leg, 1:00 both legs, 1:00 left leg, 1:00 both legs), alternating 80% of the workload between right and left leg.

30:00—60:00  Zone 2/RPE 10-12/CP180

Do this workout while watching TV. Pedal at 95 rpm until commercial breaks; during the breaks, alternate :30 of isolated leg training per leg.

C/D:    5 min at 90 rpm

Tip:      Your cadence will want to drop during the isolated leg training, but try to keep it up near 90 rpm.

This workout is from Workouts in a Binder® for Indoor Cycling by Dirk Friel and Wes Hobson.