Jason Koop Interview on Endurance Planet: Maximizing Your Performance


Endurance Planet has interviewed ultrarunning coach Jason Koop in this 1-hour podcast.

Covered in this show:

  • The four biggest mistakes ultra athletes make, as discussed in book.
  • Embrace walking (hiking), and train for it—walking is not running and needs to be practiced.
  • Why Jason is NOT a fan of crosstraining—and instead promotes simply running and rest with the limited time available to an athlete.
  • Exceptions on crosstraining and when it may work for an athlete: during time of injury, potentially in offseason, and simple proprioceptive drills for better running.
  • Jason promotes moderate volume, more intensity and avoiding overtraining—so, how does his approach differ from typical marathon programs or short-distance training approaches?
  • Using a systems-based approach.
  • Do the least specific training furthest away, and the most specific training closest to your race.
  • How does Jason like to train athletes for ultras in a way that is sustainable rather than bursting into the scene then quickly burning out?
  • Establishing clear goals for a) a “career” in sport (whether amateur or elite) and b) for each race.
  • “Be invested in the event, and don’t just do a race because it’s there.”
  • “Know your goals and what you’re looking to get out of each race, and/or your sport career.”
  • What sets the elite ultra athletes apart from amateurs besides genetic potential?
  • What’s the key to success if we all have limited time to train and we toe the line with relatively similar fitness levels? A: It’s the mental, psychological and emotional factors that really make the difference.
  • How to help ultra athletes prepare for a long day of, essentially, problem solving.
  • Practice “problem solving” in your training.

To listen to this Endurance Planet podcast with Jason Koop, click here or the image below.