Jay Dicharry’s Performance Prep Video: A Running Rewired Workout

Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

The Performance Prep workout is one of 6 performance strength workouts from Jay Dicharry’s new book, Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed.

Performance workouts are designed around the principles of overload, specificity, and variability. The workout below will help you build general strength and muscle recruitment. This workout should take about 45 minutes and gym equipment is required.

If you have never done strength training before, you may need to drop the number of sets for your first few workouts and pay strict attention to form. Performance sessions will create fatigue and possibly impact your runs. Plan your key running workouts to be at least 48 hours out from performance training workout days.


Time: 45 min.
Equipment: gym equipment required
Rest 30 sec. between each warm-up exercise and 90 sec. between each main set exercise, unless otherwise stated.

Basketball Mobility, 2 min.
Banded Arm Circles, 20 reps
Pull-Aparts, 20 reps
Overhead Carry, 1 min.
Bear Walk, 30 steps forward and backward
Chair of Death Squat, 25 reps
Single-Leg Deadlift with Dowel, 25 reps

Kettlebell Squat, 20 reps
Landmine Single-Leg Deadlift, 3 x 8 reps on each side
Squat, 3 x 8 reps
Kettlebell Swing, 3 x 12 reps
Push-Ups, 3 x 10 reps
Suitcase Carry, 4 x 30-sec. carries, with 45 sec. rest

Foot Screws, 30 reps
Twisted Warrior, 10 reps on each leg

The Running Rewired program is made up of 6 precision workouts, 6 performance strength workouts, and 3 performance power workouts. Each workout has a specific purpose and will fit into your training program differently, depending on your training load and season. Learn more about the program in Running Rewired.