Lessons From the Greats: Rich Froning’s Attitude

Recently Kelly Starrett went to spend some time working with two-time CrossFit Games champion, Rich Froning, in Froning’s hometown of Cookeville, Tenn. I asked Starrett what impressed him most about the 25-year-old coach and athlete.

Two-time CrossFit Champion, Rich Froning

“Froning is the ideal training partner,” said Starrett. “He works out with such joy and enthusiasm. He just throws himself into it with joy. Ask Rich, ‘You want to do a workout?’ and he’s like, ‘Of course! Let’s go!”

Starrett spent time working specifically with Froning to help him flesh out mobility and technique issues, tweaks designed to enable the delivery of even more power and efficiency.

What seemed to strike Starrett most was here you have inarguably one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world who is still wide open to learning and having fun playing ideas to get better and better. Contrast this image with the advanced athlete of any sport who has allowed his or her ego to get in the way of being open to criticism.

A sense of humility is a state of mind that CrossFit coaches often encourage those taking On Ramp programs during their first days in the affiliate. For Rich Froning, retaining this brand of openness, keeping the ego in check and throwing himself into workouts with joy and abandonment may be key reasons why 2013 may be his best year ever.

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