Lessons of Iron War: Fatigue Is Voluntary

When Dave Scott and Mark Allen waded into Kailua Bay to the start line of the 13th Ironman® World Championship on October 14, 1989, the existing race record was 8:28:37, a time that Scott had established in 1986. The record for the marathon run portion of the race was 2:49:11, a mark set by the same man in the same race.

But Mark Allen won the Iron War in 8:09:15, demolishing Scott’s record by nearly 20 minutes. Scott finished second, just 58 seconds back, after having raced at his rival’s side for the first 138.9 miles of the 140.6-mile contest.

How were Dave Scott and Mark Allen able to push so far beyond the illusory limit of Dave Scott’s 8:28:37 event record in their unforgettable Iron War?

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