The guest of The Outspoken Cyclist has written a riveting book about one of our most favorite and displeasing topics – doping. Now, before you say – “What, another book about doping?” I want to preface the conversation by saying this is an approach I don’t believe anyone else has taken thus far. Johnson asks and answers such questions as: How, why, and when did we become so indignant and disgusted with athletic doping? What does it say about us and our society as a whole? How have these attitudes shifted over time? And, are you certain we as a society aren’t somewhat complicit?

TheOutspokenCyclist_MarkJohnsonMark Johnson’s new book, “Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports” not only helps us in finding answers to these questions; he also gives us a much more balanced view of how we’ve come to the way we view drugs in sports today.

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