Matt Murphy Is Our Jason Koop Coaching & Crewing Contest Winner!

This veteran ultrarunner from Florida is shooting for Western States.

Matt Murphy is the winner of our Coach & Crew Contest with Jason Koop! Murphy has won a 4-months of personal ultrarunning coaching with Jason Koop at CTS (a $3,000 value) plus the option to ask Koop to act as his ultramarathon crew chief during his race.

Murphy is a 43-year old ultrarunner with 10 races notched on his belt. He lives in central Florida, where there are plentiful hills that are ideal for the preparation of running mountainous ultramarathons. Yet Murphy has his heart set on Western States! (Fortunately, Jason Koop has experience with this conundrum, coaching the Pixie Ninja, who trains in Nebraska, to victory at Western States last year.) Murphy’s qualifying race is the San Diego 100, conveniently located near his father and some ultrarunner friends.

Murphy is something of a jock! He spent a decade as head coach of a college basketball team plus nine years of coaching at the high school level. He is now the Athletic Director of Poinciana High School in Florida. Murphy took a few years off from running ultras when his two kids were born, but returned soon after watching his wife race as part of the friendly and low-key ultrarunning community in Florida. He says that ultrarunning gives him three major things he likes: “Competition, which I lost when I stopped coaching. Planning and working the plan. And fitness.”

Murphy has read Koop’s book, Training Essentials for Ultrarunning, and has decided to try out his training approach after a two-year experiment using Phil Maffetone’s 180 plan. Murphy has focused his recent training on lactate threshold work and has already taken 5 minutes off his half-marathon time.

Good luck, Matt!

Matt Murphy 600x500 KOOP
Murphy shares a moment with his family before the start of the Cuyamaca 100K.

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