Meet the Swim Speed Workouts Test Team!

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logo

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logo

We’re pleased to announce the Swim Speed Workouts Test Team! This team of triathletes and swimmers has volunteered to begin Sheila Taormina’s 16-week swim training plan and report back on their experience with it. These swimmers have received an advance copy of Sheila’s upcoming book Swim Speed Workouts and, if they didn’t have it already, a set of Halo Swim Tubing courtesy of Lane Gainer and the Halo Swim Training System. The combined suggest retail price of the gear is $60.00 (but who can put a price on swim speed?). The volunteers have not received any other compensation.

Meet the Swim Speed Workouts Test Team:

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher) is a triathlete from Maine and her swim times have hit a plateau. She’s been in a rut for “a LONG time and desperately needs a break through.” She swims 3-4x/week around 1500-2000 yards per workout.

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer) is also a triathlete from Maine whose swimming times are stuck in a rut. He’s working on speed this year, with a sprint or Oly tri every three weeks.

Craig P. (The Olympic Speed Racer) is a triathlete from Iowa who is focusing on the Olympic distance this season with an eye for long-course racing later in the year. He swims 3-4x/week and averages about 10,000 yards/week.

Doug P. (The Masters State Champ) is a masters swimmer and former state champion in the 400m freestyle. He has turned his swimming strength toward triathlon and will also race in four swim meets this season. He swims 5-6x/week around 3,000 yards each.

Greg S. (The 10x Ironman) is a triathlete living in Utah who got his introduction to swimming from Total Immersion. He’s raced 10 full-distance races, but he remains a “fairly slow” swimmer.

Jennifer M. (The Coach) is a triathlete, personal trainer, and USA Triathlon certified coach from California. She’s training for Wildflower and Ironman Tahoe. She swims 3x/week at 3500 yards average per workout.

Louise G. (The Runner Turned Swimmer) is a runner turned triathlete from the UK who believes in slow-but-steady swimming. She’s training for an Oly tri and a marathon with eyes set on Ironman in 2014. She swims 1-2x/week about 1700m each.

Michelle S. (The Beginner Swimmer) is a newcomer to triathlon and needs some work on her swim. Her coach recommended Swim Speed Secrets to her, and now she’s excited to step it up. Her swim workouts are 1000-2000 meters.

Rebecca B. (The Open-Water Swimmer) is a pure swimmer who “can never get enough of the water” — and how! She logged 55 open-water swims last summer and swam over 280 miles pool + lake. She loves finishing a cold Lake Michigan swim in the dark.

Rich R. (The Phoenix Coming Off Injury) is a triathlete from Michigan who is coming off an injury and ramping back up to race this year. He swims 3x/week in the 2500m range and makes sure to spend one workout per week on technique and drills. He “has used Swim Speed Secrets to transform his technique.”

Ronald R. (The First-Time Ironman) is a triathlete from New Jersey who is training for Ironman Lake Placid. He swims 3x/week around 2400 yards.

Scott P. (The Ironman Trainee) is a triathlete from Washington who is training for Ironman Coeur d’Alene. He’s looking to change up some of his swim workouts to have more structure.

Jenn D. (The Ocean Ultra Swimmer) is an open-water swimmer, former lifeguard, and Ironman finisher from British Columbia, Canada. She’s finished several ultra-swims at 10km and 12km distance. She’ll use the workouts to prepare for a 22km ocean swim in June.

Rhoden G. (The Soldier) is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who is training for the Wounded Warrior Games in May with permission of his commanding officer. He is training for 50m Free, 100m Free, and 50m Back as well as masters swim meets throughout the summer. His swimming coach first learned of this test team and encouraged him to apply.

Disclaimer: The feedback provided by Test Team members reflects their sole personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion or views of their employers or any other person or organization.

The Swim Speed Test Team will answer these questions after every workout:

1. WHICH? Which workout did you do? (Week 1-1, Week 2-3, etc.)
2. HOW WAS IT? In just a few words, what was your impression of the workout?
3. NAME IT! If you had to nickname this workout, what would you call it?
4. PROGRESS? Have you noticed any progress yet? Please describe.

To follow the Test Team as they swim their way to new speed, look for the “Test Team” tag here.

TRY THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF SWIM SPEED WORKOUTS YOURSELF! Based on our Test Team feedback, you will be swimming noticeably faster after two weeks on the Swim Speed program. You’ll have developed a high-elbow catch and a better feel for the water. You’ll have begun to strengthen your core, and your swimming fitness will be rising rapidly. Click here to learn how.