Milani, as featured in Italian Racing Bicycles by Guido Rubino

There are bicycles. And then there are Italian bicycles. Italian Racing Bicycles traces the rich history of 40 landmark brands intimately connected with racing. Enjoy this brief selection from Guido P. Rubino’s celebration of the heritage of Italian cycling brands.

Milani can be said to have been born twice. The first time was in 1927, when Natale Milani and his sons began making frames for racing bikes in a workshop in Gallarate; the second time came 80 years later when Natale’s son Celeste gave new prestige to the family brand.

During World War II, Natale made use of his outstanding artisanal skills while serving as a mechanic in Italy’s air force. Given the great hardships of the war, it was often necessary to repair aircraft without access to the required spare parts. Natale managed to make what was needed himself. In some cases, he made improvements to existing designs, modifying them to make them more efficient.

This aeronautical experience gave Natale Milani his knowledge of aluminum. He immediately understood its potential and was among the first artisans to experiment with superlight alloys in the field of bicycles.

Milani, as featured in Italian Racing Bicycles by Guido Rubino

An unpainted frame built by Natale Milani. Under the patina of the file marks, the brass brazing material is visible at the edges of the lugs and fork crown.

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