featured_Bikes&TechVeloPress has released free bike maintenance tips, handmade bicycle maker profiles, and pro team mechanic interviews on its new Bikes & Tech page.

Drawing from leading experts like Lennard Zinn, Rohan Dubash, and Guy Andrews, the VeloPress Bikes & Tech page features articles from Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, Bike Mechanic, and The Elite Bicycle.

Some of the stories available from VeloPress.com include:

  • How to Replace Road Bike Handlebar Tape
  • Lennard Zinn’s Mid-Season Bike Maintenance Checklist
  • How professional bike technicians wash bikes
  • Profiles of handmade bicycle makers like Richard Sachs, Seven Cycles, Serotta, Independent Fabrication, and Pegoretti as well as component manufacturers like Mavic, Brooks England, and Chris King.

Check back as VeloPress releases new stories on bike maintenance and repair, tuning tips, and cyclocross guides.