One-Hour Workouts for Cycling: Cadence Builds

Try this one-hour ride from One-Hour Workouts!

This session steps up the leg speed every 5 minutes while holding a constant speed or effort level. Ideally this session should be done on an indoor trainer where you can accurately manage your cadence. Cadence builds develop great leg speed and endurance with 10-rpm jumps every 5 minutes.

You’ll find that although you hold a constant rpm and pace on the bike, your rpm and heart rate will typically go higher as the cadence increases.

As you become stronger, modify the up-down tempo set to ride at race pace and eliminate the recovery interval.

Cadence Builds

5 min.                                    Easy effort, breathe through your nose RPE2

5 min.                                    Moderate effort, 90-100 rpm RPE3

30-45 min.                           Up-downs, just below race pace RPE3

5 min. at 85 rpm

5 min. at 95 rpm

5 min. at 105 rpm

5 min. easy spinning

Repeat up to 30-45 minutes

5 min.                                    Easy riding to cool down RPE1

This workout is from One-Hour Workouts, a collection of 50 swim, bike, and run workouts from top triathlon coaches that anyone can fit into a lunch hour–including warm-up and cool-down. Each of the 50 workouts in One-Hour Workouts are tightly focused on one goal so that athletes can get a quality training session in just one hour. Athletes can choose from base, tempo, or speed workouts in each sport to match their training plan’s goal for the day.