One-Hour Workouts for Running: Endurance Run with Nasal Breathing

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The respiratory system works to provide your body the oxygen it needs. You may be astonished to know that we breathe more than 20,000 times a day, so any respiratory problems are going to be exacerbated when you’re training.

As a percentage of your body’s energy expenditure, breaths can reach double digits under heavy effort loads. Amazingly, we pay more attention to training the muscles that demand oxygen and little to no attention to the respiratory system that delivers it.

Endurance Run with Nasal Breathing

10 min.: Easy running RPE 1

4 × 5 min.: Nasal breathing (NB) intervals RPE 3

5-min. running recovery: Take a break from nasal breathing and run at a moderate effort.

10 min.: Easy running RPE 1

Nasal breathing workouts are ideal during the base period as you are focused on improving your cardiovascular system. You can mix NB intervals into your normal base runs. Here’s a good progression to get you started:

 WEEK                      INTERVAL              RECOVERY

1                              4 × 5 min. NB        5 min. normal run

2                              4 × 6 min. NB        4 min. normal run

3                              4 × 7 min. NB        3 min. normal run

4                              4 × 5 min. NB        5 min. normal run

This workout is from One-Hour Workouts, a collection of 50 swim, bike, and run workouts from top triathlon coaches that anyone can fit into a lunch hour–including warm-up and cool-down. Each of the 50 workouts in One-Hour Workouts are tightly focused on one goal so that athletes can get a quality training session in just one hour. Athletes can choose from base, tempo, or speed workouts in each sport to match their training plan’s goal for the day.