Podium Cafe on Tour de France 100: “Like a 60-inch plasma screen” of Tour photographs

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Podium Cafe has reviewed Tour de France 100!

They said, “In conveying the epic scale of the Tour, Tour de France 100 is aided by its size: in a world in which so many things are being shrunk to pocket-size, [the book is] serving up the equivalent of a sixty inch plasma screen. The large format allows for the detail in the photographs to tell their own stories.”

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The Tour de France, first staged in 1903, is the world’s greatest sports spectacle, packed with heart-stopping drama, legendary rivalries, bitter tragedy, and outright farce. To celebrate the 100th Tour de France, award-winning author Richard Moore has researched Tour de France 100, a superb celebration in photographs and stories about the world’s greatest race.

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