Praise for Merckx 525

Merckx 525 book cover image M525_96dpi_500pw_photo

Merckx 525 is a unique collection of exclusive photographs, including some that even I had not seen before. It is the only work authorized by me…and the first truly complete record of my accomplishments.” — Eddy Merckx

“A luxurious photo-biography of cycling’s greatest champion…Full of evidence of the Cannibal’s insatiable appetite for victory.” — Wall Street Journal

“As a memento to a career we won’t see again, Merckx 525 is worth every stinkin’ penny… The real joy of this book was a chance to feast on images from the early part of Merckx’ career…Arranged chronologically, one can imagine the book as the ultimate family photo album of the star-shined favorite son.” — Red Kite Prayer

“Sumptuous, luxurious, and magnificent…A triumph. Each of its 221 pages simply scream out loud to satisfy the senses…Modern cycle sport is particularly well-served by some excellent photographers, but the imagery contained within Merckx 525 is exemplary.” — The Washing Machine Post

“One of the most beautiful coffee table books (cycling or not) to come around in a very, very long time…The images are incredibly compelling, layered and sometimes hauntingly quiet.” — Peloton

“If you relish the racing history that has helped define the sport, Merckx 525 should be a ‘must have’. The variety of seldom-seen photos that illustrate the book will take your breath away.” — Road Bike Action

“Whether in beautifully judged black & white or shockingly real period colour film, Merckx’s foe-crushing drive glows from almost every photograph.” — Brooks England

“As one leafs through this lovely book, the string of victories becomes overwhelming…It is wonderful to see Merckx in his heyday, with the eternal grin and the pure joy in his face as he crossed the finish line first.” — PezcyclingNews

“Visually stunning…[Merckx 525] delivers some incredible images from various periods of Merckx’s career. Each image is simply dripping in nostalgia…” — Podium Café

“Beautiful and inspirational…Luscious photos.” — Adventure Cycling


Merckx 525 book cover image M525_96dpi_500pw_photoMerckx 525 celebrates the unmatchable career of Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist ever and the most dominant athlete of the 20th century. Merckx 525 is the first book authorized by Eddy Merckx and the only book he says offers a truly complete record of his bike-racing career. In its pages, you’ll find photographs never published outside France, Italy, and Belgium.