Is being a pro cyclist everything it’s cracked up to be?

Ask a Pro Question Q Phil GaimonI’ve been racing for a long time, hoping to make it someday as a pro, but between weather, crashes, and long stages, it just looks like the higher up you get, the more brutal the lifestyle. Is being a pro cyclist everything it’s cracked up to be?

Like anything in life, pro cycling is a little less glamorous the deeper you get into it, just as the magic trick isn’t as impressive to the rabbit crammed inside the hat. Tough as it is, though, bike racing is still awesome. After all the bruises, cramps, and long days, the hardest part is keeping a straight face when I get my paycheck.*

* I have a new philosophy now, where I don’t get paid for the good days. I’ve decided that I work those days for free, so I can get paid 10 times as much when I have to ride in the rain, for example.  

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