How Should I Modify Swim Speed Workouts for Longer Yardage?

Reader Joe wrote in via our Swim Speed Facebook page to ask how he should incorporate Swim Speed Workouts into his Ironman® swim training.

Q: “So I just got mine in the mail yesterday started to read it. I’m wondering what your thoughts are for people training for long-distance races. I’m training for Ironman® so I want to get 11-13K per week of training, which is more than the 8K per week average in the Swim Speed Workouts program.”

One of the Swim Speed Workouts Test Team swimmers, Jennifer M. chimed in: “I am one of the testers for the workouts and also training for Ironman. I add more distance to the shorter workouts at the end of the workouts to get a bit more distance, but they are very challenging on their own and will tire you more than just a regular swim workout.”

A: As Jennifer says, you’ll get a lot more out of these workouts than I’d say is typical. Swim Speed Workouts averages 8K per week. There are bonus sets in each workout for those who want to get more distance. I’d recommend starting the program for 3 weeks to get a feel for it. If you still feel you need more distances, simply add to the warm-up and the cool-down, remembering that swimming is the most technical of the three sports and you need to maintain good form at all cost.