Reset Your Body for Your Sport with the Hit Reset Yoga Program

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga HR_96dpi_400pw
HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyogaNew Yoga for Athletes Book Addresses the Top 10 Athlete Body ProblemsBoulder, CO, USA — June 1, 2016 — A new book, Hit Reset, teaches athletes how to use yoga to find more speed, power, and endurance. Yoga coach Erin Taylor’s Hit Reset program eases the 10 most common problems athletes face every day—like painful knees, stiff hamstrings, and sleepy muscle groups—so they can optimize their performance in any sport. Instead of asking athletes to come to a yoga studio, Taylor’s revolutionary approach to yoga meets athletes wherever they are—in the gym, on the track, or at the trailhead—with simple warm-ups, stretches, core work, and cooldowns that will quickly feel integrated into every workout. Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes is now available in bookstores, running shops, and online. Start your reset at

Hit Reset defines 10 problem areas that hold athletes back and the specific yoga solutions that can fix them. Each chapter shows how the body should work, how to self-diagnose flaws in movement and functional strength, and how to apply just a few specific yoga poses so athletes can “hit reset” and get back to peak form. In just a few minutes each day, athletes can practice the yoga solutions in Hit Reset anytime, anywhere, without a mat or studio classes. Armed with these key, highly effective yoga fixes, athletes will find a radical redefinition of balance that can make them healthier, stronger, and more resilient.

Hit Reset addresses:

  • Imbalances that lead to injury by redefining balance from head to toe
  • Feeling easily winded with deep breathing exercises
  • Feeling distracted or nervous with focus exercises
  • Poor posture with core activating and strengthening poses
  • Sleepy feet and stiff calves for a stronger foundation
  • Knee pain with better form and strength poses
  • Stiff hamstrings and sleepy glutes with activation exercises
  • Unstable hips and IT band problems with hip helpers
  • Stiff shoulders and sides with opening poses

Yoga can help athletes in any sport, but only if it is targeted to solve specific problems. Hit Reset offers a no-nonsense yoga revolution that shows athletes how to make yoga work for them.

Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes
Erin Taylor
Paperpack with full-color interior and photographs throughout.
7.5″ x 9.8125″, 208 pp., $21.95, 9781937715427

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

Erin Taylor is a yoga coach and founder of Jasyoga, a revolutionary approach to yoga for athletes. She is sponsored by Oiselle, a sports apparel company, and is a regular contributor to popular health and fitness blogs and publications. An overtraining injury benched Taylor during the NCAA basketball season. Yoga was the “reset” that helped her find a new balance as an athlete. Her Hit Reset approach draws from functional anatomy and physical therapy to translate yoga for the sports world. Taylor has worked with many professional athletes including runner Lauren Fleshman, triathlete Linsey Corbin, and long jumper Norris Frederick.