Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Pan Lining Paper: Good for Portables?

A reader Patricia was kind enough to post a comment about a new product she’s found useful for wrapping some of the portable recipes in The Feed Zone Cookbook:

“Reynolds Wrap came out with a new product called non-stick pan liner paper. It is one side parchment + one side foil. It can be found in any grocery store by the regular foil….It comes on a roll 24ft X 15 inches. It is easy to cut so you can make it any size you need.”

Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Pan Liner Paper

She says she’s seen it at Wal-Mart, Target, and her local grocery store and it’s easily found on Amazon, too.

Have you tried it? It seems like a good fit for these fig and honey rice cakes, Allen Lim’s rice cakes, and other portable recipes. Allen and Biju like a product called “Martha Wrap Foil and Parchment,” but it seems that Patricia is onto something, too!

What do you like to use to wrap your portables? Tell us in the comments.

Need help with your wrapping technique? Check out this video demonstration on that explains how to wrap The Feed Zone Cookbook portables.