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Running with Power Expert Panel at Ironman World Championships in Kona

Stryd, VeloPress, and Sansego assembled a panel of power meter experts during the Ironman World Championships to discuss the state of the art in using power meters for running and triathlon.

VeloPress has made videos of the full discussion as well as several segments available on its YouTube channel at

If these videos interest you, please purchase Jim Vance’s new book RUN WITH POWER: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running which offers the first exploration of how runners and triathletes can use this new technology. If you are looking for a power-savvy coach, try Jim Vance at TrainingBible Coaching or Frank Jakobsen at Sansego. If you are considering purchasing a power meter, please visit our partners Stryd and RPM2.

The expert panelists in the videos include:

* Dr. Andrew Coggan, exercise physiologist and pioneering researcher in the use of power meters
* Jim Vance, TrainingBible coach and author of the book RUN WITH POWER: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running
* Craig “Crowie” Alexander, 3-time Ironman World Champion and founder of Sansego coaching
* Frank Jakobsen, Sansego coach
* Jamie Williamson, co-founder of Stryd, the first wearable power meter for running


Running Power Meter Expert Panel FULL VIDEO (43:49 minutes)
Movement Begins in the Head (3:04)
Getting Intensity Right (4:36)
Brick & Envelope Runs (2:50)
Collect Run Power Data Now or Fall Behind (3:23)
Athlete Self-Tests & Workouts (3:29)

Full playlist of all six videos.

The video of the full 45-minute panel discussion was led by Bob Babbitt and covered these topics:

* The benefits of using a power meter for running and triathlon
* The difficulties to overcome in creating a running power meter
* The major difference between cycling power and running power
* How running power meters can help you develop more than one running technique to use at different speeds
* How power meters for running are like a portable biomechanics laboratory
* Power meters can be a training diagnostic tool, especially for long runs
* How the running power meter lets runners train at the correct intensity
* Power meters improve Training Stress Scores
* Stryd can see the difference in training stress between running on treadmills and running on pavement.
* How specialized brick workouts can zero in on your best running form off the bike
* Envelope runs, a new way to train for more efficient run form
* What’s coming soon from Stryd
* How power meters will revolutionize pacing on hilly courses and race pacing
* Why runners should adopt power as soon as possible instead of waiting for the technology to mature
* Which parts of the book RUN WITH POWER have been most helpful to readers
* Self-tests and new running form and techniques to try
* How a power meter is a useful tool even for runners who prefer to run by feel
* How coaches can use a power meter to identify strengths and weaknesses in their athletes
* How a power meter can help you find the best running shoes for you
* Why power meters become more valuable as courses or conditions become more difficult
* How Stryd is using data mining of user data
* Where Stryd is headed to help runners improve efficiency

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