Sport Smoothies: Why Smoothies Are Good for Athletes

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green SMOO cover 1080x1080

Athletes love smoothies because they offer a simple, delicious way to get the nutrients they need. Sport Smoothies offers nearly 70 fully-illustrated smoothie recipes for before and after workouts, for building muscle, and for carb-loading.

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Introduction: Why Smoothie?

Whether you compete in sports such as cycling, running, swimming, or working out at the gym, it all requires energy. The foods that you eat on a daily basis are your body’s primary source of energy, so getting the right balance of nutrients is essential to fueling your exercise.

Sport Smoothies by Fern Green SMOO cover 1080x1080

The foods you eat must fuel both your body and mind, keeping your muscles energized and your brain focused and alert. This means digesting quality, healthy calories to achieve an optimal mix of macronutrients—carbohydrates, fats, and protein. However, finding the time to prepare and eat healthily can be difficult. The smoothies in this book take into account all of an athlete’s needs, including pre- and post-workout, muscle-building and carb-loading, serving up the essential ingredients at the right time to complement your workout and fuel your body.

Smoothies provide a fast and efficient way to boost your daily intake of healthy calories and give your brain and body the fuel needed for optimal performance. Pre-workout and carb-loading smoothies supply your body with essential hydration and the quality calories required to fuel the body for exercise or a big event without overloading the stomach. Post-workout, recovery, and muscle-building smoothies work to top off glycogen stores after every effort, whether in day-to-day training or following a particularly intense effort. With more than 65 no-fuss recipes to choose from, Sport Smoothies will fuel your workouts, promote muscle repair, and aid recovery, giving you an easy and delicious alternative to the bulky meals that so often lead to discomfort.

Sport Smoothies offers up great flavors for athletes to improve their health and recovery. With nearly 70 recipes, athletes can get the nutrients, calories, and hydration they need.