Stay Dry During Your Next Swim Workout with a Swim Tubing-Only Workout

Halo swim tubing

A friend on Facebook asks Sheila, “I’ll be missing my workouts next week due to travel, but plan to bring the tubing. It seems like I should do more than the ten minutes since I won’t be swimming. Will you please consider writing a blog post detailing a good tubing workout for when we are on the road? Thanks!”

Halo swim tubing

Sheila replies:

Great question: If you do two times the tubing workout listed on the Swim Speed Workouts sessions (choose later sessions as those are longer/more challenging than earlier sessions), I think you’ll find that will leave you begging for mercy.

If not, then try this set: 4-5 x 1:30 with 2-3 minutes rest between. You can even tack on :30 additional at the end of each repeat that are Tricep-Only.

If you do that workout, you might regret you ever asked this question


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