Stop Doing Crunches and Work Your Whole Core!

Core Envy by Allison Westfahl CNV stop doing crunches

Most core exercises, especially any exercise that includes “crunch”, are not, in fact, going to create the sleek, toned belly you want. So why should we do core exercises at all?

Since doing high-intensity cardio burns fat more effectively than crunches, why shouldn’t we just do cardio all day long and ditch the brutal core routines?

Here’s why:

Working the core in a functional, progres­sive manner will give you nice, lean mus­cles that will be on display once that layer of fat is burned off by doing cardio and cleaning up your diet.

You don’t want to spend months burning off that spare tire to reveal, well, nothing underneath.

While core exercises are not the most effective way to burn subcutaneous and visceral fat off your belly, they are the answer to toning the muscles underneath. As stated earlier, spot-reducing fat from your body is not realistic, but spot-toning your muscles most certainly is. For exam­ple, you can absolutely make the muscles in your legs stronger and more toned by doing lunges and squats; this maxim holds true for any muscle in the body. Putting repetitive stress on a muscle causes posi­tive adaptations in those muscle fibers that range from improved cardiovascular effi­ciency to increased bone density and neu­romuscular control. The bottom line is that if you put repetitive stress on your core muscles by doing the sculpting exercises in this book, you will improve the strength, power, endurance, and coordination of those muscles.

All of these benefits are just lovely side effects of sculpting a gorgeous, enviable core!

Allison Westfahl’s Core Envy will tone and sculpt your abs, back, stomach, and sides—and build a strong, sexy core you’ll love showing off. Her Core Envy program solves the problems other abs programs ignore with a three-part approach to slim down and tone up. You’ll clean up your diet, fire up your metabolism, and tighten up all the muscles of your core without a gym or equipment. In just three weeks, you’ll start seeing results.