Swim Speed Workouts: Serape Kicking Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Serape Kicking Drill Video SSW

The serape core drive in swimming is an important concept that Swim Speed Workouts explains in the waterproof booklet and then introduces in Week 4 of the program. The very basic idea is this: advanced swimmers draw power for their stroke and kick by working not just the arms and legs but also the core muscles that run diagonally from shoulder to hip.

Think of a baseball player throwing a ball from the outfield. The throw begins at the opposite leg and follows through the arm and hand. Swimmers can recruit far more muscle power once they build the muscles and the timing of the Serape Core Drive.

This core drive becomes increasingly important in the Swim Speed Workouts program as swimmers progress from developing the high-elbow underwater pull to recruiting a whole-body swimming style.

In this video, David Morgan demonstrates the proper positioning for the Serape Kicking Drill. Before watching, please read this brief note about how the Swim Speed videos are intended to be used.

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