Swim Speed Workouts Week 2-2: “Transcendent Descents”

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The Swim Speed Test Team is a group of volunteers that is testing out Sheila Taormina’s new book of waterproof swim workouts before it releases in March.

Here’s what testers thought of the fifth workout, which you can download and try out for yourself (see below).

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logoTEST TEAM SUMMARY OF WORKOUT 2-2:

Greg S. (The 10x Ironman): Mingling the drills with the free sets really helps me get the feel for the water and feel for the high elbow and then apply that immediately to the freestyle stroke. The continuing sequential nature of the whole series of the Workouts is also a great motivator. I’d like an Endless Pool, please.

Michelle S. (The Beginner Swimmer): This was the first workout that I didn’t have to look up how-to’s on drills and was able to incorporate different speeds in my swim. Previously, I used one speed: to simply swim! It felt good to swim fast, a great challenge that leaves the body and mind with a sense of accomplishment and a smile.

Rich R. (Coming Back from Injury): I am so much more comfortable in the water.  I know I can hold onto form and speed longer than when I started. I feel stronger every lap.  I don’t get out of breath as fast.  My times are stable, but that’s a big improvement, because when I started, they would get significantly longer at the end of a set.

Rhoden G. (The Soldier): Week 2 is proving to be “no joke” if this progression continues, we are all going to be well into the next bracket. The scull drill was tough — and oh the burn, that’s a long scull — but I noticed that slowing down a little and not trying so hard actually produced better vortices on both hands. I feel magic when that happens.

Craig P. (The Olympic Speed Racer): This workout had a good combination of scull drills and freestyle swimming.  I felt by the end of the workout I had a better grasp of what it means to gain traction on the water and have a “swimmer’s feel”.

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer): I must admit, this is the first time I have done descends and they were incredibly hard. I felt more like I was trying to hold on than to go faster. Given my previous leg cramps, I kept the kicking sets in the 60-70% range and didn’t cramp whatsoever. I’m right handed and breath on my right side and always assumed if I had a “stronger” side in terms of the catch, it would be my right.  Not so.  I am discovering not only is my left catching better, but I also have a more complete stroke as my right arm is coming out of the water a bit short of a full stroke.

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher): I am completely amazed at how great I feel with each passing workout. The first few were mentally challenging, a lot of careful and focused thought.  It is really starting to pay off. I could feel it before, but today with those descending 100’s I was shocked at how smooth I was, but how less fatigued I was. I was able to do it on the 1:50 interval and did not feel my stroke falling apart.  I had nearly :20 secs rest on the last interval!  It was great! I so love this program. I don’t know how the others are doing, but this program is definitely working with me. It’s just clicking for me!

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