Swim Speed Workouts Week 2-3 (She-Ra): “Flying to a New High” or “Sleep Good Tonight”

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The Swim Speed Test Team is a group of volunteers that is reporting on their newfound swim speed earned over 16 weeks of the Swim Speed Workouts program.

Here’s what testers thought of the sixth workout, which you can download and try out for yourself (see below). This Workout 2-3 was a “She-Ra” workout — a workout taken directly from Sheila Taormina’s training diary. The Swim Speed Workouts program features one She-Ra workout per week.

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logoTEST TEAM SUMMARY OF WORKOUT 2-3:

Rebecca B. (The Open-Water Swimmer): WOW! This is a fantastic, challenging set. We are not sure which is more difficult: the fly before the 50 free or the fly after the 100 free. Most of us are not used to that amount of fly so we can’t imagine what new swimmers must be going through. Some people who are doing the workouts with me are reporting that they feel stronger after doing the tubing sets. I can agree with that as well.  I feel like I have a coach for the first time in my life! Thank you.

Rich R. (Returning from Injury): It was hard. The butterfly in the middle of the freestyle sets does two things for me: 1. Fly is certainly making me stronger and 2. Fly sure makes freestyle seem easy! I did find the more tired I got, the more I started to rely on the mechanics of the stroke as opposed to just trying to muscle through it. I was exhausted after this workout and I am still tired now. But…I can’t wait to get back in the pool again for the next workout. I do feel much better and more in control in the water now. And I find myself really focusing on form during the sets. I feel like I can really differentiate between a good pull and a bad one now. Finally, I didn’t really expect this, but I am losing some weight.

Jenn D. (The Ocean Ultra Swimmer): My second she-ra workout complete and I have to say I really enjoy these 4000m workouts. The tubing at the end really finished me off and I can’t wait for next weeks She-Ra session! It’s great to just follow the workout on the card stuck to the pool wall especially when I am doing the bigger mileage.

Craig P. (The Olympic Speed Racer): For me, this was the hardest workout to date. I have never done butterfly before starting this program and unfortunately it was the focus of this workout. In think in the long run, by challenging myself with butterfly, I will see positive benefits translated to my freestyle.

Jennifer M. (The Coach): I was a little scared going into this one with all of the fly work and not coming from a swim background, but I made it through and it was a real confidence booster. I’ll nickname this workout “The Flyswatter.” ‘Nuff said! I am getting stronger or I would not have made it through that whole workout.

Rhoden G. (The Soldier): I am not the hardcore champion I thought I was. I really liked the chance to get some longer sets in, but I was nowhere near the times that I should have been. The fly set was good training; it just literally wore me out.

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer): Progress? Hell, yeah. I am amazed at how quickly the endurance and power is building which also makes me a bit ashamed I was not pushing myself in the pool harder before. I said it before and I’ll say it again, tubing is not for the faint of heart. Absolute deadly burn to end this workout. I have some impressions after finishing the first two weeks of the program. First, Swim Speed Workouts has given me much needed focus and structure in the pool.  Much as I hate to admit it, it has made me realize more than ever that I was training to survive the swim to get to the bike (and run).  I thought I was more well-rounded in my approach but this has made me realize that is not the case. Second, The sessions make you more conscious of your feel for the water and do so incredibly quickly. For anyone who does not come from a swimming background and/or is intimidated by the swim, this will be a godsend. Third, you may want to consider recommendations for those starting out without a solid base of swimming fitness on how to scale back the workouts and work up to the targeted yardage. If someone who is swimming less than 2,000 yards per workout only once or twice a week, this program will be incredibly hard.

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher): I felt great with this workout. The warm up was nice and easy and felt great. The next set I did with much anticipation: butterfly! Is it really safe for a 44 yr old to do butterfly? Yes, I did it and lived to tell about it! See I have done about 150 yds my entire life of butterfly up until now, and today I exceeded my lifetime max of butterfly on the last set (the 6 x150s). I was feeling great during the cooldown. I would call this workout “Flying to a New High” I love swimming again and I feel great!

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