Swim Speed Workouts Week 3-3 (She-Ra): “Grind It Out” or “TGIF”

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The Swim Speed Test Team is a group of volunteers that is reporting on their newfound swim speed earned over 16 weeks of the Swim Speed Workouts program.

Here’s what testers thought of the ninth workout. You can try out the first six workouts for yourself (see below).

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logoTEST TEAM SUMMARY OF WORKOUT 3-3:

Rhoden G. (The Soldier): It was a long set with long reps. It was good to stretch out during the long warm-up. But wow, heavy, fatigue. I almost cramped during the kick set but adjusted. I really liked the longer warm-down. I had very tired arms in the tubing set but with a lot of real sweat, I got it.

Rebecca B. (The Open Water Swimmer): This was a challenging set. The IMs were super hard. We modified the workout, cutting the warmup, and cutting the main set in half. But the good news is that something is happening for me. I have always been a bit afraid of butterfly and today I did my first ever 50 fly! (twice).  I am getting stronger and it is not because of luck. And it was in a meter pool! This program IS working.

Craig P. (The Olympic Speed Racer): This was a set that seemed daunting at first because of the distance but it went by quickly.  I have noticed, since starting this program, that my longer swims go by faster because each workout is different and provides new challenges. I notice that my endurance is improving.  I can manage longer swims with less fatigue.

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer): She-Ra? I would not be confused with He-Man or She-Ra to those watching.  I attempted to stay true to the effort levels but, to come clean, the effort levels were intentionally dropped on a few of these sets and the recovery times were also extended.  I actually had a brief conversation with the life-guard between the 200s and the kick set.  My feeling is no matter what your swimming background or swimming fitness level, this one will make you suffer.  Thank God it’s Friday!!!! Swimming workout 3-2 and then 3-3 was a tough, tough combination. I’m now swimming yardage totals that I’ve never before achieved. For me, this workout was a matter of survival.

Jennifer M. (The Coach): Ouch!  Never thought that I would be able to complete all of the 200 IMs!  A real breakthrough for me. Getting so much stronger!  (See #2). Was seriously dreading this workout, but made it through with flying colors!  Wow, is all I can say!  Time for a big dinner!

Rich R. (Returning Off Injury): The tubing is pretty incredible for strength building.  I’ve read some of your other bloggers mention that too.  I was really just holding on at the end of the pulls.

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher): Eeks, what a great workout. Lots of endurance. I loved it, though, because it’s a great test of how well you can maintain pace with good form under huge fatigue. I modified this workout, shortening the warm-up and cutting down the IMs in the main set. The kick set looked worse on paper than it was in the pool even though I’ve never kicked 8 x 100 yards before. I am transforming into a different swimmer.  That 500 PR during Workout 2-3 was from a different swimmer – a Speed Secret swimmer. LOVE IT!!!

Jen D. (The Ocean Ultra Swimmer): I do love these She-Ra workouts! I went to the pool and there was a guy just about to start his workout at same time. He asked me about the workout card and then asked to join me. I had seen this man a couple times before and knew he was my pace so after telling him how long the workout was he still was interested and I said sure.  What a bizarre occurrence! He stayed for the whole workout and it pushed me a bit more that usual. OMG the 8 X 100 kick was killer!

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