Swim Speed Workouts Week 6-1: “Sprinter’s Delight”

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The Swim Speed Test Team is a group of volunteers that is reporting on their newfound swim speed earned over 16 weeks of the Swim Speed Workouts program.

Here’s what testers thought of this workout. You can try out the first six workouts of the Swim Speed Workouts program for yourself! (See below)

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logoTEST TEAM SUMMARY OF WORKOUT 6-1:

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer): I changed my training schedule this week so I came into this workout feeling very fresh and strong.  I could tell in the warm-up it was going to be a good workout.  Even the “Finish Drill” went okay, though I’m still not comfortable with it. I’m still keeping the kick sets at an easy/moderate effort and focusing on keeping the ankles “loose”.  I think I have a tendency to stiffen the feet which may be contributing to the cramps.  Main Set went great.  Before this program I could swim :30-:35 50s but would quickly fall into the 40ish range within a few reps.  Today I kept the 50s at :35 with a minute rest (taking off on 1:35). I fell to :40 and picked it back up to :36 for the last one.  Very, very pleased!  No problem keeping the pull buoy set at a moderate effort – I was tired.

Rich R. (“PR”): Workout 6-1 is in the books and it was good.  I especially liked having some drills after the longer swims of 5-3.  I spend time in between sets trying to make tornadoes.  I am really starting to feel like a swimmer.  One thing I noticed after the paddle sets is that my shoulder was a little sore.  I think what happens on my left side is that I am starting my pull phase too high in the water and that is adding some stress to my shoulder.  I focused more on this when I swam 6-1 and it felt like I was loading the shoulder less.

Rebecca B. (The Open-Water Swimmer): My group is still not getting the serape effect. I am just not sure what I should be feeling. But back to 6-1: we were going along feeling pretty smug when “wham” the 10×50 set hit us.  We were all hurting but it was great effort and we felt like we accomplished something. The Tarzan drill felt better than previous workouts.  We are getting stronger for sure.  My group is all enjoying the variety in the workouts.  Great job!  Sore shoulder=no tubes for the day.

Greg S. (The 10x Ironman): I enjoyed the shift to fast, all-out swimming.  Getting through all of the sets of 50s required a never-say-stop approach but they went by quickly.  And, so, too, did the workout as a whole.  I was happily fatigued at the end, as well.  So, it was a good amount of work in a short amount of time. I took some days off from swimming because I was feeling over-tired from a long run last weekend.  The rest, I think, did me some good and this was a good workout to do after a bit of rest.

Rhoden G. (The Soldier): This looked like a very tough set, but it was time to get in and do it. It was a lot of hard work and a lot to pay attention to on this workout. And again, the Tarzan Drill. Man that is hard to do, slows me down considerably. Wow, 5 times through the tubing set? That left the arms feeling very fatigued,

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher): This was a great workout!  While pool management was trying to cook me alive, i felt great.   I loved the recovery drill and making the connection of the scapular moving the arm out of the water coordinated with serape core movement.  The 10×50’s i was pretty fast, first few were at or just under 35 seconds.  I was taking 1 minute rest and slowly my speed slowed to the upper :30s. Wouldn’t i love to hold those for a full 100 or 200! I really felt like i was just slipping through the water today. I skipped the bonus set, which was a Tarzan sandwich.

Anything else? I had to laugh, my son is a top swimmer in the state and will be swimming in college this fall.   Right now he is between short and long course seasons.  I caught him peeking at the Swim Speed Workouts cards.  I told him he should give them a try. His 500 free time is near 5 minutes so he laughs at my gains, but I think he might be getting nervous!   😉

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