Swim Speed Workouts Week 8-2: “Just Dive In and Press-Out”

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The Swim Speed Test Team is a group of volunteers that is reporting on their new swim speed earned over 16 weeks of the Swim Speed Workouts swim training program.

Here’s what testers thought of this workout. You can try out the first six workouts of the Swim Speed Workouts program for yourself! (See below)

Swim Speed Workouts Test Team logoTEST TEAM SUMMARY OF WORKOUT 8-2:

Chad L. (The Sprint Speed Racer): 1000 straight for a warm up? Loved it! The mix of free, kick and drills made it seem to be broken up instead of straight. And that negative split at the end of the warm-up was a nasty addition. I have a confession: I’m not kicking with a board at the moment as that drill tends to bring on cramps much easier than kicking on my back so I switched to Streamline Kick on Back for the kick/drill set. Also, I like the upper body drills much better. Felt I was strong with the One-Arm Kickboard Drill (one of my favorites) and to be honest I found the 8 press-outs to not be that challenging.

Jennifer M. (The Coach): Holy Press-outs! I was probably confusing the lifeguards and other swimmers as to whether I was really getting out of the pool or not. Lots of drill work today and it was a good way to begin my swim week.  I really find that my form is better immediately following the press-outs, believe it or not!  They really get you to focus on a high elbow without you even realizing it.  Very sneaky!  Finishing up the workout with Tarzan Drills is just an arm burner, but the strength work is paying off.  My sets where I “feel” slow are actually faster than I think they are, so that really says something about the quality of the workouts.

Rebecca B. (The Open-Water Swimmer): So today we finished 8-2. Everyone loved this workout. It’s the newest favorite. Fantastic warm-up (especially for those of us who swam yesterday) great kick/drill set and we had a ball with the 50 Free Press-Outs. I just love diving in. We completed the 50s on 1:05 and everyone kept that interval for the whole set. We were able to finish the bonus set. The tricky part is turning up the heat on the second 25. It’s just hard to tell the body to go. Fantastic sets. To put it in Sheila’s words, it was “optimum not maximum”.

Jenn D. (The Ocean Ultra Swimmer): Loved the 1000 warm-up. The Press-Outs are a great way to focus on where your pull should be.

Catherine L. (The Number Cruncher): This was a really great workout. I did the 50 Free Press-Outs on 1:00 and promptly died on #10 (and was reaching on #9 for sure).  I was extremely dead by the time the bonus set rolled around, but I did want to get more Tarzan Drill into me so I did 4 of the 8 and then cooled down.  I skipped the tubing set today. I am just wiped.  Will do them tomorrow.

Progress:  I guess each time I do Tarzan, I seem a little bit stronger and I am better at getting down the pool.  I feel about the same with press-outs.  I never did press-outs before starting the Swim Speed Workouts program. I do like how when I first started doing them with the program I could barely lift out after a few of them and now I am springing up and onto the deck so easily.    I am really pleased with how strong I stayed with the 8x50s with the press-out too.  I stayed together and made the interval (just barely though at the end) for the entire set.  I was actually finishing the 50 each time in :45 seconds but what was tiring was springing out with a press-out and hopping back in.  That was a huge strength session for me.

Anything Else:  My pool’s masters swim coach was coaching other swim lanes at the same time I was swimming today. He came up to me and said that I looked beautiful and smooth in the water.  He couldn’t believe how relaxed and strong I was.  Wow!!!   What a compliment and he pointed to a few of the top masters swimmer’s and said that I was swimming better than them!  SO AWESOME to hear!!  I guess I have been missed at masters practices lately. I will be back.  I know I am being watched more and more.  And, more and more people are asking about the Swim Speed program.


These workout pdfs will give you most of what you need to do the full workout. If you have swim tubing and understand the drills (which are linked in each workout description), you’ll be able to do the whole workout as prescribed.

Based on our Test Team feedback, you will be swimming noticeably faster after two weeks on the Swim Speed program. You’ll have developed a high-elbow catch and a better feel for the water. You’ll have begun to strengthen your core, and your swimming fitness will be rising rapidly.

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