Heart Attacks Are Not the Same as Athlete’s Heart

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A heart attack is not the same thing as athlete’s heart.

Athletes with Haywire Hearts

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Even Eddy Merckx has a haywire heart. See who else is in the athlete's heart club.

The Haywire Heart

Dr. John Mandrola and Lennard Zinn and Chris Case

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The Haywire Heart is the first book to examine heart arrhythmia in athletes.

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Exercise Addiction Quiz for Athletes


Are you clinically addicted to exercise? Take this 6 question quiz to find out. The Haywire Heart offers a frank discussion of exercise addiction, which afflicts about 10% of fast runners and between 20-40% of triathletes.

The Warning Signs: Symptoms of Athlete’s Heart Conditions

The Haywire Heart

These symptoms are serious warning signs that should alert you to possible trouble.

Why Doctors Misdiagnose Heart Conditions in Athletes

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Most doctors have little experience with a full-fledged endurance athlete. These gaps in knowledge set the stage for both overdiagnosis and underdiagnosis of heart conditions in athletes.

Caffeine and Heart Conditions in Athletes

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Oddly enough, caffeine’s relationship to rhythm problems is unclear.

Case Study: Mike Endicott, Ventricular Tachycardia

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This case study from The Haywire Heart explores the story of Mike Endicott, a cyclist and cross-country skier who ignored the warning signs, burned the candle at both ends, and found himself paying a steep price.