My World

Peter Sagan

My World by Peter Sagan MW from cover 600x900

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For the very first time, bike racing fans will have the opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of Sagan’s cycling life.

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How the Race Was Won

Peter Cossins

How the Race Was Won front cover by Peter Cossins HRW 800x1200

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It all comes down to the head and the legs. Cossins explores the full scope of cycling strategy and tactics.

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American Pro

Jamie Smith

American Pro by Jamie Smith

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American Pro lays bare the heart and soul of a struggling sport—and shares what's wrong and what's right with American bike racing.

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Thomas Dekker

Descent by Thomas Dekker author photo DES

Thomas Dekker is a Dutch former professional cyclist whose talent on the bike quickly took him to the top of the sport. (Photo © Tim De Waele)

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Bike Mechanic

Guy Andrews and Rohan Dubash

Bike Mechanic by Rohan Dubash and Guy Andrews BM 96dpi 400x500 str

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Bike Mechanic takes a look inside the daily life of the unsung heroes of the peloton, the bike techs who keep the stars riding.

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At Speed

Mark Cavendish

At Speed by Mark Cavendish

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At Speed is the page-turning story of Mark Cavendish, cycling's top sprinter and a living legend in the sport of bike racing.

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Reading the Race

Jamie Smith with Chris Horner

Reading the Race by Jamie Smith with Chris Horner RR

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Race announcer Jamie Smith and veteran road captain Chris Horner team up to deliver a master class in bike racing strategies and tactics.

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Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith bike race announcer 96dpi_400pw

Jamie Smith is a bike racer and bike race announcer.

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Inside the Postal Bus

Michael Barry

IPB 72dpi_400x600_stroke Inside the Postal Bus

If you've ever wondered what life in the U.S. Postal team whirlwind is really like, Inside the Postal Bus is your ticket to ride.

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Racing Tactics for Cyclists

Thomas Prehn

RTC_72dpi_400pw_stroke Racing Tactics for Cyclists

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Thomas Prehn helps cyclists avoid common race mistakes and ride strategically.

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