Ariana Kukors’s Favorite Butterfly Drill: Vertical Dolphin Kick

Ariana's favorite drill for training a powerful, fast butterfly kick is “vertical dolphin kicking.” Watch her demonstrate this drill in this video.

Stroke Data Shows You How to Become a Faster Swimmer

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

There is a valuable tool in swimming that lets you know if you are directing your energy the right way and holding water as you ratchet up the speed. It is called stroke data.

The Curvilinear Path Is Not an Illusion

SSST SwimSpeedStrokes_ButterflyCurvilinearPath_600px

The curvilinear path in elite swimming is not an illusion caused by body rotation or elbow flexion. It’s undeniably present in the world’s fastest swimmers.

Let’s Talk About the S Pull in Swimming

Elizabeth Beisel demonstrates the S Curve in freestyle swimming.

Because of the feedback we’ve gotten on Facebook, I will offer a short explanation of what I mean by “S-pull” and how all elite swimmers today show it in their stroke.

Why Do All Elite Swimmers Use a Curvilinear Stroke Pattern?


After getting many comments about this post on Facebook, Sheila Taormina has written a response that more fully explains the S pull in swimming in this new post: Let's Talk About the S Pull in Swimming.

Laura Sogar’s Favorite Breaststroke Drill: Breast Arms, Flutter Kick

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina SSST

Watch elite swimmer Laura Sogar demonstrate her favorite breaststroke drill in this video.

What is “feel for the water”? Sheila Taormina explains.

AaronPeirsol_backstroke_800 SSST

The best swimmers in the world are masters at feeling the water. But what does that mean? Sheila Taormina explains.

Lift vs. Drag: Which Matters Most to Swimming Speed?

Swim Speed Strokes SSST_600x315_pullout

Sheila Taormina explores the contributions that lift and drag make to the underwater pull in all four swimming strokes.

Which Arm Is Swimming Which Stroke? A Quiz for Swimmers and Triathletes

Swim Speed Strokes stroke quiz 800pw SSST

Four strokes are represented in these photos. Take this quiz and see if you can identify them!

Swim Speed Strokes for Swimmers and Triathletes

Sheila Taormina

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina SSST 96dpi 400pw str

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In Swim Speed Strokes, Taormina shows how swimmers can swim their fastest in all four competitive swimming strokes; backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle.

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Distance per Stroke vs. Swim Stroke Rate: How to Find Your Swimming Cadence

SSST How to Time Freestyle Swimming Stroke Rate Cadence Swim Speed Secrets

You need to know your swimming stroke rate. If you don't, there's a good chance you're leaving speed in the water.

Freestyle Swimming Core Strength: Timing, Rhythm, and Momentum

SSS freestyle catch

Your swimming tempo or stroke rate is as important as stroke count. A swimmer must strive to lower either of the two numbers without adversely affecting the over-all equation. Sheila discusses how timing can enable improvements in your swimming equation.

Freestyle Swimming Core Strength: Driving from the Hips

SSS Allison Schmidt hip

In her book Swim Speed Workouts, 4-time Olympian Sheila Taormina describes a key concept for developing your fastest freestyle, the Serape Core Drive.

The Swimmer’s Secret Weapon: Tubing Drills

Swim Speed Videos on YouTube SwimSpeed_videos_slide_800x500 SSS SSW SSST

Just as regular dryland strength training can turbocharge your swimming, spending just 3-5 minutes after every workout with effective swim tubing drills can make you rock-solid strong.

Timing the Finish in Serape Swimming

Which direction is the hip drive in serape swimming? Does the hip drive upward or forward? And when: before or after EVF (the catch)? Sheila answers.

Science Proves that Technique Is the Most Important Factor in Fast Swimming

The book FASTER: Demystifying the Science of Triathlon Speed by scientist and triathlete Jim Gourley confirms a fact we already know: technique is the most important part of fast swimming.

Swim Speed Workouts: An Introduction to Swimming Butterfly

Swim Speed Workouts Sheila Taormina introduction to butterfly SSW

For athletes going all the way with Swim Speed Workouts, Sheila introduces the basic motions of the butterfly swimming stroke.

How Swim Tubing Can Make You a Faster Swimmer

Halo swim tubing

Sheila demonstrates how to use Halo swim tubing in this video below.