Swim Speed Workouts: Finish Drill

Swim Speed Workouts Finish Drill Video #2 SSW

The Finish Drill helps swimmers focus on the last part of the underwater stroke, the finish phase. Sheila Taormina describes an ideal finish in her book Swim Speed Workouts.

Swim Speed Workouts: Freestyle Flutter Kick Drill Video

Swim Speed Workouts Freestyle Flutter Kick with Kickboard Drill Video SSW

This video is a simple demonstration of good freestyle flutter kicking technique using a kickboard. If you are prone to cramping during kick sets, take a look at this video and at these tips from Sheila Taormina on how to avoid kick set cramping.

Swim Speed Secrets: Streamline Drill

Swim Speed Secrets Streamline Drill Video SSS

Learn how to properly streamline underwater and you can improve your hydrodynamics and also improve your upper arm and shoulder flexibility and mobility for a more effective reach phase of the stroke.