The Roots of the Colorado Classic Reach Back Over 40 Years

Team 7-Eleven by Geoff Drake T711

Hang around a group of experienced cyclists discussing the USA Pro Cycling Challenge or this year's new Colorado Classic, and sooner or later—probably sooner—they’ll bring up the Coors Classic.

“Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer is an excellent portrait of LeMond and the era in which he raced,” says Podium Cafe

Greg LeMond Podium Cafe book review GLM

The excellent critic Feargal McKay has reviewed Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer for Podium Cafe.

Sean Kelly: A Chapter from Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer

Greg LeMond Yellow Jersey Racer Sean Kelly 1983 GLM

When Sean Kelly turned professional in 1977, cycling was a very different sport from the one we know today. With its impenetrable language and customs, it required an apprenticeship that, even for a French national, was tough.

Greg LeMond

Guy Andrews with foreword by Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews GLM 400x495 px

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Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer presents Greg LeMond's legendary accomplishments, spanning one-day races to grand tours to the remarkable close of his career.

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A Gallery of Photographs from Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews GLM

Greg LeMond always said he would trade a worlds for a Paris-Roubaix. Enjoy this gallery of photographs from Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer during the spring classics, the Tour, or anytime of the racing season.

American Flyers: A Chapter From Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer

Greg LeMond: Yellow Jersey Racer by Guy Andrews GLM

In the chapter American Flyers, Greg LeMond's rival Jeff Bradley shares what it was like to race against the young LeMond.

Time Is On Your Side: Greg LeMond’s Time-Based Goals Helped Him Win the 1989 Tour de France

In this excerpt from How Bad Do You Want It?, pioneering American cyclist Greg LeMond races against the clock—and his rival Laurent Fignon—in an individual time trial stage of the Tour de France.

How to Reenact the 1986 Tour de France

Slaying the Badger STB 72dpi_400x600p

Here's how you can replay excerpts from Slaying the Badger to enjoy coverage of the entire 1986 Tour de France.

Prologue: The Entire First Chapter of Slaying the Badger

Slaying the Badger STB 72dpi_400x600p

Enjoy the entire first chapter from Richard Moore's book Slaying the Badger.

Slaying the Badger Documentary Film

Slaying the Badger Film Poster STB

VeloPress is not affiliated with the ESPN documentary film that is based on Richard Moore's book Slaying the Badger, but here's what we know about it.

Stage 20, La Resurrection: Greg LeMond in the 1989 Tour de France

Etape by Richard Moore tour de france stages 1989 Greg LeMond La Resurrection

Greg LeMond awoke in Paris on Sunday, July 23, the final day of the 1989 Tour de France, and wondered what the next 12 hours held in store. The previous evening he had told his soigneur, Otto Jacome, that he thought he could do

This Has Been the 1986 Tour de France

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the 1986 Tour de France, which we feel will go down in history as the greatest ever Tour.

Greg LeMond Visits White House

LeMond visits White House Velo-news

Excerpt from 1986 Velo-News about Greg LeMond's win at the 1986 Tour de France

Greg LeMond Wins the Tour de France!

Greg LeMond first American to win the Tour de France 1986 Velo-news

Greg LeMond appears on the cover of Velo-news magazine after winning the 1986 Tour de France!

Where to Find Velo-news Books

Velo-news Book Dealers

Ad from 1986 Velo-news magazine showing readers where to buy Velo-news books

Hinault Is Worth His Weight in Beans

After Bernard Hinault was weighed so he could be given his weight in coffee by cycling trade sponsor Cafe de Colombia, it was on to stage 22, a 194km ceremonial march from Clermont- Ferrand to Nevers.

Enjoy the “Agony of Winning” in The Race for the Yellow Jersey (now on cassette)

The Race for the Yellow Jersey on cassette

1986 ad that ran in Velo-News magazine during the Tour de France

The Badger Is Slain! Hinault Finally Concedes to LeMond

Today's stage 21 was a hilly one that finished atop the Puy de Dôme—the spectacular dome-shaped volcanic plug in the Massif Central. The Puy de Dôme is a climb of rich symbolism and incident, where Hinault had fancied claiming his first yellow jersey in 1978, where Eddy Merckx had been punched in the kidneys three years earlier. This year, the mountain's role is to perhaps allow a challenger to make one last, desperate bid for the yellow jersey.

Who Reads Velo-news?

Velo-news advertisement - readership

An ad from a 1986 issue of Velo-news

LeMond’s Disastrous Time Trial Ends in Yellow

Greg LeMond rides the Stage 9 ITT in Nantes during the 1986 Tour de France

Today’s stage 20 looked to be a critical one in the Tour de France, a 58km individual time trial in Saint-Etienne. This stage presented the last time trial of the Tour, one which Hinault said would seal the victory of the strongest rider.

How to Train and Race Bicycle Time Trials

Velo-news ad Solo Cycling by Fred Matheny

An ad from a 1986 issue of Velo-news

Is Greg LeMond in Danger?

featured STB Tribeca

Is Greg LeMond in danger at the 1986 Tour de France?

The Two-Wheeled Athlete: Physiology for the Cyclist

Velo-news ad The Two-Wheeled Athlete

An ad from a 1986 issue of Velo-news

Hinault and LeMond Ride Together Up Alpe d’Huez!

Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault ascend Alpe d'Huez 1986 Tour de France

Greg LeMond's first day in the yellow jersey was not an easy one. Stage 18 almost immediately ascended the Col du Lautaret then the Col du Galibier en route to a summit finish on Alpe d'Huez.

Greg LeMond First American to Lead the Tour de France!

Greg LeMond dropped an injured Bernard Hinault on today's mountain stage to become the first rider from the United States to wear the yellow jersey of the leader of the Tour de France.

In Mistral Winds, the Badger Sneaks Away Again

Velo-news photo of the 1986 Tour de France climbers Hampsten, Hinault, LeMond, Herrera

On today's stage 16, the peloton faced strong winds on the roads from Nimes to Gap, winds that forced the riders into echelons.

Tour Abandons: Phinney Crashes Out, Fignon Abandons

Team 7-Eleven's sprinter Davis Phinney has dropped out of the Tour after crashing heavily on today's Stage 15. This leaves the team relying on Phinney's usual lead-out man Ron Kiefel to contest the sprints. Fortunately, Kiefel has shown that he has the legs for the Tour, narrowly missing a stage win to Peeters on stage 7.

Davis Phinney Crashes Out of the Tour on Stage 15

Battered by wind and torrid heat, much of this stage from Carcassonne to Nimes was spent riding in echelons.

Always Stirring the Pot, La Vie Claire Takes Stage 14

After two dramatic days in the Pyrenees that saw a big shake up in the overall standings, today's stage traveled 154 km across the south of France into the foothills of the Alps.

Cornered, the Badger Defends His Attack

Did Hinault give LeMond permission to attack? “I’m not his father,” replied Hinault. “He can do what he likes. What’s important is to keep the jersey in the team.”

Hampsten and Grewal: Hinault’s Attack Was Suicidal

Alexi Grewal photo from Team 7-Eleven book

Team 7-Eleven's Alexi Grewal, the winner of the 1984 Olympic road race, described Hinault’s solo attack on this second day in the Pyrenees as “undoubtedly the most stupid move of the race so far.

Hinault Cracks after Kamikaze Attack! LeMond Wins Stage!

Andy Hampsten

Greg LeMond won his second Tour de France stage today after his La Vie Claire teammate and race leader Bernard Hinault cracked spectacularly on the climbs leading to the finish in Superbagneres. LeMond's win is the first ever mountain stage win for an American in the Tour de France.

LeMond and Hinault Near Fisticuffs! LeMond: “Hinault’s gonna pay.”

Today's stage 12 to Pau saw Bernard Hinault launch a sneak attack on the overall favorites.

Hinault Takes Yellow with Sneak Attack to Pau!

Hinault leads Delgado on stage 12 of the 1986 Tour de France

During the early miles of Stage 12 from Bayonne to Pau, the peloton rode calmly, saving their legs for the first major climb of the Tour, the first-category Col de Marie-Blanque, until something unexpected happened.

Hammering for Hollywood, Peloton “Races It Up” on Longest Stage

Bernard Hinault and his many yellow jerseys

Thinking that this longest of Tour stages from Poitiers to Bordeaux was to be a hot, lazy, flat slog, many Tour journalists went 130km ahead to take advantage of a sumptuous Bastille Day buffet put out free by the rich brandy burghers of the French region of Cognac.

LeMond Guts It Out for 60km with Food Poisoning!

Bernard Hinault Sportscaster card from 1978

According to riders interviewed after today's Stage 10 from Nantes to Futuroscope, the stench was overpowering: a rotten, putrid smell, so bad that several riders looked around, their faces screwing up as though they were sucking on lemons. The peloton watched Greg LeMond, fourth in line, being led back to the pack by a string of his La Vie Claire teammates.

Hinault: “Fignon is below par.”

Was it his failure to mount disk wheels, the accumulated fatigue from riding 1,000km at the front of the bunch, or simply "un jour sans," as a French report has suggested?

LeMond: “I would have beaten Hinault.”

American hopeful Greg LeMond is disheartened. When asked about the significance of losing 44 seconds to Hinault, LeMond acknowledges that Hinault expected this stage to determine La Vie Claire's team captain.

Hinault Defeats LeMond in Stage 9 Individual Time Trial

Greg LeMond rides the Stage 9 ITT in Nantes during the 1986 Tour de France

Hinault’s attack on the road to Cherbourg only served to make Greg LeMond even more uncertain and edgy. They have barely left the blocks, but already the pledge that Hinault made to help the American seems as believable as Santa Claus.

Massive Field Sprints for First in Nantes

Team 7-Eleven's Bob Roll

Finally a massive field sprint after days of breakaways!

Second-place Kiefel: “Tour Is Unbelievably Hard, 10 kph Faster than U.S. Races”

Team 7-Eleven's Ron Kiefel looks tired at Tirreno-Adriatico

"I should have been in my 12," commented a frustrated Ron Kiefel after finishing second in Stage 7 to multiple classics winner Ludo Peeters.

The Badger Attacks!

The Badger Attacks

Stage 6 to Cherbourg witnessed a surprise attack by a GC favorite. En route to Brittany, Bernard Hinault's stomping grounds, the Badger attacked the peloton.

Two-Man Break Storms Stage 5 in Seaside Resort of Villers-Sur-Mer

After a 100km breakaway in the company of Frenchman Joel Pelier, Dutchman Johan Van der Velde won the sprint at this seaside resort and as a plus took the yellow jersey.

Tension in the Peloton: 40 Riders Crash During Nervous Stage 4

"La Tournée des Accidents" or "The Tour of Crashes" headlined one regional newspaper after this long but flat transitional stage.

Système U Hammers La Vie Claire in TTT

Saturday afternoon’s stage is a 56-km team time trial, an event La Vie Claire dominated in 1985, winning by over a minute. But now, in 1986 on the road from Meudon to Saint Quentin, something very, very odd happened.

Hinault’s Promise to LeMond: I will help you win the Tour

"Next year it's you who will win the Tour, and I'll be there to give you a hand." -- Bernard Hinault to Greg LeMond

The Badger Appoints Two Successors

Bernard Hinault, Bernard Tapie, Greg LeMond

A week out from the start of the 1986 Tour de France, five-time Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault, the Badger, has responded to rumors swirling in the peloton about his upcoming retirement and who -- if anyone -- might fill his spot on the La Vie Claire team.

Hampsten and Hinault Favored to Win, Fignon Calls LeMond “An Excellent Second”

Velo-news 1986 tour de france preview of the favorites

Felix Magowan of Velo-news offers this preview of the 1986 Tour de France

LeMond Battles to 4th in Giro

Greg LeMond Slaying the Badger Velo-news

American Greg LeMond, captain of the La Vie Claire team, placed fourth in the 69th Giro d'Italia, behind winner Robert Visentini, Giuseppe Saronni, and Francesco Moser.

Richard Moore

Richard Moore is an award-winning British sports journalist and author.

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Slaying the Badger

Richard Moore

Slaying the Badger STB 72dpi_400x600p

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Slaying the Badger is an incomparably detailed and highly revealing tale of cycling's most extraordinary rivalry: Greg LeMond vs. Bernard Hinault at the 1986 Tour de France.

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Slaying the Badger (Hardcover)

Richard Moore

Slaying the Badger STB 72dpi_400x600p

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Slaying the Badger is an incomparably detailed and highly revealing tale of cycling's most extraordinary rivalry: Greg LeMond vs. Bernard Hinault at the 1986 Tour de France.

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How Andy Hampsten Won His First Giro d’Italia Stage

Team 7-Eleven by Geoff Drake with Jim Ochowicz

The confidence Hampsten gained in winning the 20th stage of the 1985 Giro laid the groundwork for his epic ride up the Gavia.

Ron Kiefel Brings Team 7-Eleven–and America–Its First Grand Tour Stage Win


It was more than just a stage win. Kiefel's ride that day set the stage for Team 7-Eleven to do pull off much greater feats.

Up the Road

Samuel Abt

UTR 72dpi_400x600_stroke Up the Road

Abt weaves together races and personalities spanning three decades of cycling, culminating with the retirement of Lance Armstrong following the 2005 Tour de France.

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