Moisture Matters: Why Real Food Is Better than Sports Bars

water bottles and rice cakes FZP

Real food and sports nutrition products are pretty similar except in one important way: The packaged products are very dry while real food contains a lot of water. In this new video from Skratch Labs, Lim demonstrates the difference between sports bars that contain 3-10% water by mass and the rice cakes found in Feed Zone Portables, which contain 60-80% water by mass.

Meet Chef Biju Thomas, The Man Who Feeds the Peloton

Bicycling magazine Chef Biju Thomas

This video The Man That Feeds the Peloton shows Biju explaining how he’s not just cooking for riders or individual teams anymore. The Tour of California asked Biju to write up the menu for ALL the teams at the race. The Feed Zone approach is reaching more pros than ever.

How to Wrap Any Portable Snack

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In this video from Skratch Labs, Allen Lim demonstrates how his rice cake wrapping technique can wrap, well, pretty much any snack.

The Biggest Mistake in Triathlon: Drinking Your Calories

Drinking All Your Calories FZP

Slowtwitch caught up with Dr. Allen Lim recently and asked him, in so many words, why he has devoted so much time to working with athletes on their nutrition. During the discussion, Lim reveals the biggest mistake most triathletes make: drinking their calories.

Racing with the Legends

In this video, Sheila Taormina, 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, triathlon world champion, and triathlon hall of famer, talks about racing Michellie Jones, Joanna Zeiger, Leanda Cave, Barb Lindquist, Emma Snowsill, Laura Bennett and how they raised the level of competition in women’s triathlon.

The Reinvention of Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson velonews Skratch Labs

At Interbike last week, one of the VeloPress staff paid a visit to the Skratch Labs booth where Feed Zone Cookbook author Allen Lim was chatting with a bike shop retailer. He stood behind Allen, waiting to say hi, while the retailer thanked Allen for the book saying, “Your book changed my life! People ask me what I’ve done differently this year to make such a big difference in my racing, and I tell them I bought a cookbook!”

Selling Your House for Your Sport

When Sheila Taormina decided to try to make history by qualifying for the Olympics in a third sport, she — like many Olympians — had to make big sacrifices to follow her dream.

Allen Lim’s Approach to Real Food for Athletes

Skratch Labs Allen Lim and Real Food for Athletes FZC

In short, Lim graduated with a doctorate in physiology and left the lab to work with pro cyclists. What he found was shocking: professional cyclists riding Grand Tours and eating breakfast cereal for dinner. They knew little about sports nutrition and nothing about cooking.