Good Reads for Runners

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So you’re stuck inside…why not cozy up to a good book that will keep you entertained, engrossed, or inspired? Here are a few suggestions we think you’ll like.

Six Important Shoe Design Patents

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In this excerpt from Kicksology, learn about the six most influential patents that have changed running shoe design since the mid-1970s.

Eight Epic Shoe Fails in Kicksology

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Unfortunately, shoes can fail runners at the worst possible time. Check out these eight epic shoe fails from Kicksology, a new book that explores the stories, history, and hype of running shoes.

Kicksology Shoe Gallery

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In Kicksology, shoe-tester Brian Metzler tells the stories behind the most noteworthy shoes the running industry has seen.

Brian Metzler Kicksology Book Tour

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Sports journalist and shoe geek Brian Metzler is signing books and sharing stories from his new book Kicksology! Check out his tour dates and get your copy signed.