Summits of My Life

Kilian Jornet

Summits of My Life by Kilian Jornet

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Kilian Jornet is the world’s fastest mountain climber, ultrarunner, and ski mountaineer and his Summits of My Life project is his most ambitious achievement.

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Winning Is About Overcoming Yourself

Kilian Jornet Run or Die English edition VeloPress ROD

Kilian Jornet confesses what winning truly means to him.

Kilian Jornet: Mount Everest’s Mysterious First Summit Attempts

Summits of My Life SML by Kilian Jornet top of everest 800x450

Mount Everest has a rich and troubling history—with the many attempts and failures to summit the world's tallest mountain. Kilian Jornet adds to the mountain's lore with his latest attempt.

Kilian Jornet on Mont Blanc: Setting Records and Summiting with Friends

Summits of My Life SML by Kilian Jornet Mont Blanc ice climbing 800x450

In this excerpt from Summits of My Life, Kilian Jornet chronicles the challenges and joys of ascending and descending Mont Blanc, the crowning peak of the Alps.

The Summits of My Life Guiding Principles

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Guided by these 10 core values and a list of mountains, Kilian Jornet and his team put together the Summits of My Life project.

Take a Sneak Peek at Kilian Jornet’s Summits of My Life Book

Summits of My Life by Kilian Jornet

The highly anticipated Summits of My Life book shares Kilian Jornet's epic 7-mountain adventure in his own words and photos. Coming this October!

Grand Trail

Frederic Berg and Alexis Berg

Grand Trail by Frederic and Alexis Berg GT_400ph

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Grand Trail shares the stunning beauty and raw emotions of ultrarunning, paying tribute to the passion and splendor of the sport and lifestyle.

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Kilian Jornet: Running Is an Art.

Kilian Jornet Run or Die English edition VeloPress ROD

Why does Kilian Jornet so often will stop to enjoy the scenery, chat cheerfully with his competitors, and stop to help fellow runners who are waylaid on the trail?

Photo Gallery: An Evening with Kilian Jornet


Brian Metzler spoke with Jornet about trail running, mountain climbing, and Jornet's remarkable achievements at the young age of 25.

Run or Die

Kilian Jornet

Run or Die by Kilian Jornet ROD 96dpi 400pw

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In Run or Die, Kilian Jornet shares his passion for mountain running, offering a fascinating world rich with the beauty of rugged trails and mountain vistas.

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