Ask a Pro

Phil Gaimon

Ask a Pro by Phil Gaimon

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Phil Gaimon’s Ask a Pro answers every question you’ve always wanted to ask about pro cycling…sort of.

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Jef Mallett

Jef has been drawing the comic strip Frazz since 2001, and it is now syndicated in over 160 newspapers in the United States and Canada.

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An Accidental Athlete


AA 72dpi_400pw_stroke An Accidental Athlete

Best-selling author John "The Penguin" Bingham recalls his inspiring transformation from couch potato to "adult-onset athlete."

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Jef Mallett

Trizophrenia TRIZ 72dpi_800ph

Trizophrenia, by nationally syndicated cartoonist and veteran triathlete Jef Mallett, offers up a lighthearted exploration of the triathlon lifestyle.

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Jamie Smith with Jef Mallett

ROAD_72dpi_400x600_stroke Roadie

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Roadie is a light-hearted exploration of the world of road cycling, bike racing, and the people who love it.

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