The Haywire Heart

Dr. John Mandrola and Lennard Zinn and Chris Case

The Haywire Heart by Lennard Zinn, Dr. John Mandrola, and Chris Case

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The Haywire Heart is the first book to examine heart arrhythmia in athletes.

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3 Ways FAST AFTER 50 Can Help You Defy Aging


In this excerpt from his new book Fast After 50, coach Joe Friel shows three ways athletes can defy aging.

Why Is Recovery from Workouts and Racing So Important for Athletes?

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery training mesocycles AGR

Recovery is important for athletes because it is during rest that the body becomes stronger.

How to Avoid Overtraining

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery how to avoid overtraining AGR Figure 2.1 Training Response Spectrum

In her book The Athlete's Guide to Recovery, Sage Rountree shows how to use simple recovery techniques to avoid overtraining.

The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery

Sage Rountree

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The Athlete's Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive, practical exploration of the art and science of athletic rest.

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The Cyclist’s Training Bible, 4th Ed.

Joe Friel

The Cyclist's Training Bible, 4th Ed.

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Joe Friel is the most experienced personal cycling coach in the U.S. and his Cyclist’s Training Bible is the most comprehensive and reliable training resource ever written for cyclists.

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The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible

Joe Friel

BIM The Mountain Biker's Training Bible by Joe Friel

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Using this book, mountain bikers can create a comprehensive, self-coached training plan that is both scientifically proven and shaped around their personal goals.

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