Rocket Fuel

Matt Kadey, RD

Rocket Fuel by Matthew Kadey, RD RF

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James Beard Award-winner Matt Kadey, RD, offers up innovative, delicious, and convenient real-food recipes to power everyday exercise and weekend adventures.

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The Athlete’s Fix

Pip Taylor

The Athlete's Fix by Pip Taylor AF

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The Athlete’s Fix is a sensible step-by-step program that helps athletes navigate food intolerances and fad diets to find the foods that make them feel and perform best.

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The Athlete’s Fix Daily Food Diary

Pip Taylor

The Athlete's Fix Daily Food Diary

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A daily food diary is essential to discover your problem foods and the foods that make you feel and perform best.

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A Feed Zone Approach to High-Carb, Low-Carb, Paleo, and Everything In Between

The Feed Zone Cookbook by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim FZC

A Feed Zone reader Tony H. asked, “For the past few months, I’ve adopted a more low-carb approach. I don’t mean a ketogenic diet, but I am limiting my carbs...Are there recipes in your cookbooks that are targeted toward low-carb athletes?”