The Horton Collection

The Horton Collection is one of the world’s finest collections of cycling memorabilia.

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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a sportswriter and sports photographer who has worked for national and international publications since the 1980s.

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Argyle Armada

Mark Johnson

Argyle Armada 600pw ARG

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Argyle Armada delivers an unprecedented look inside America's most celebrated cycling team.

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The Spring Classics

Philippe Bouvet, Phillipe Brunel, Pierre Callewaert, Jean-Luc Gatellier, and Serge Laget

The Spring Classics SC 72dpi_400pw_stroke

The Spring Classics delves deeply into the rich stories of these great events with insightful text from L'Équipe's top writers and hundreds of rare and newly restored photographs.

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Philippe Bouvet, Pierre Callewaert, Jean-Luc Gatellier, and Serge Laget

PRB 72dpi_400pw_stroke Paris-Roubaix

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Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell presents the inside story of the race, its great riders, its traditions, and its secrets.

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Cycling’s Golden Age

Owen Mulholland with artifacts from The Horton Collection

CGA 72dpi_400p_stroke Cycling's Golden Age

Cycling's Golden Age takes us inside the world's largest collection of cycling memorabilia with an intimate look at one of the sport's most memorable eras, 1946–1967.

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