Become a Better Athlete While Watching the Olympics with These Workouts, Drills, Stretches, and Mental Exercises

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Try out drills and mental exercises from VeloPress authors and Olympians to make good use of your Olympic TV time.

Swim Speed Strokes for Swimmers and Triathletes

Sheila Taormina

Swim Speed Strokes by Sheila Taormina SSST 96dpi 400pw str

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In Swim Speed Strokes, Taormina shows how swimmers can swim their fastest in all four competitive swimming strokes; backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle.

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Swim Tubing Drills and the Freestyle Diagonal Phase

Swim Speed Workouts diagonal phase of freestyle swimming stroke SSW

In this video, Sheila demonstrates how to drill the diagonal phase using swim tubing.

The Swimmer’s Secret Weapon: Tubing Drills

Swim Speed Videos on YouTube SwimSpeed_videos_slide_800x500 SSS SSW SSST

Just as regular dryland strength training can turbocharge your swimming, spending just 3-5 minutes after every workout with effective swim tubing drills can make you rock-solid strong.

Stay Dry During Your Next Swim Workout with a Swim Tubing-Only Workout

Halo swim tubing

A reader on Facebook asked Sheila Taormina to write a tubing-only drill for use during a business trip.

How Swim Tubing Can Make You a Faster Swimmer

Halo swim tubing

Sheila demonstrates how to use Halo swim tubing in this video below.

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: Swim Tubing

Swim Speed Videos on YouTube SwimSpeed_videos_slide_800x500 SSS SSW SSST

The swimmer's secret weapon is Swim Tubing Drills because they build the proper technique and strength simultaneously. Try this functional strength exercise and you'll find new strength for the underwater pull.

Swim Speed Secrets Drill: Halo Bench Tubing Drills

Swim Speed Secrets Halo Tubing and Halo Bench Drill Video

Sheila demonstrates how to use Halo swim tubing on a Halo bench in this video below.

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