Don’t Freeze Those Rice Cakes!

The Feed Zone Cookbook recipe Allen Lim's Bacon Egg Rice Cakes by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim FZC

Q: When I make rice for Allen Lim’s Rice Cake recipe, I end up with more rice cakes than I can handle. Can I freeze extra rice cakes for use another day?

Hunger and Weight Loss for Athletes

The Feed Zone Cookbook Dr. Allen Lim FZC rice cake prep 800x500

Sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim unpacks hunger, your gut barometer, and shares a surprisingly simple tip to lose weight easily over time.

10 Minutes to a Real Recovery Meal: Chicken Fried Rice

The Feed Zone Cookbook recipe: Chicken Fried Rice FZC

Why is Chicken Fried Rice an ideal meal for after your next workout? It’s a quick and easy recipe to make. It’s savory and salty, which means it will taste heavenly after a hard workout. And it’s got an ideal mix of fast uptake carbs, proteins, and fats to refuel your body quickly for tomorrow.

Cyclocross Fuel: The Post-Race Recovery Meal

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But what to do after you cross the finish line? Clean up and fuel up are tops on the list, not necessarily in that order. Indeed, even though most amateur cyclocross races last only 45 minutes, your body still needs food for recovery, and it needs it quickly.

Fueling for Cyclocross: The Pre-Race Feed Zone Breakfast

The Feed Zone Cookbook Biju's Oatmeal

It’s 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Three hours from now you’ll be lining up at the start of a cyclocross race, readying for 45 minutes of full-throttle action. What does your body need for this mammoth, heart-pounding effort?

How to Substitute for Eggs in the Feed Zone

Feed Zone Portables recipe Basic Baked Eggs by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim FZP

The Feed Zone Cookbook uses eggs quite a bit, so this poses a problem for our now eggless friends. Fortunately, chef Biju knows how to substitute for pretty much anything.

Why Athletes Need a Juicer

Feed Zone Cookbook beet juice

Using a juicer improves the nutrient density of athletes’ diets by significantly increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables they can handle without the worry of an unbearable amount of fiber load in their GI tract. Try this Beet Juice recipe!

The Reinvention of Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson velonews Skratch Labs

At Interbike last week, one of the VeloPress staff paid a visit to the Skratch Labs booth where Feed Zone Cookbook author Allen Lim was chatting with a bike shop retailer. He stood behind Allen, waiting to say hi, while the retailer thanked Allen for the book saying, “Your book changed my life! People ask me what I’ve done differently this year to make such a big difference in my racing, and I tell them I bought a cookbook!”

How to Make and Wrap a TON of Rice Cakes

How to Wrap Many Rice Cakes FZP

In this video from Skratch Labs, Feed Zone Cookbook co-author and cycling coach Allen Lim demonstrates how to prepare a lot of paper foil at once to speed up wrapping all those portable snacks.

Nut Allergies in the Feed Zone

“I’ve been playing around with some of the recipes especially for the portables, but I’m not sure what to substitute for nuts since I have a nut allergy. Instead of just skipping nuts from recipes, which really changes the amount of protein, I’d be interested to know what Biju recommends as substitutions.”