The 10 Commandments of Trail Running Etiquette

illustration from Trailhead by Lisa Jhung with illustrations by Charlie Layton TH

Trail etiquette isn’t necessarily about hard-and-fast rules. It’s mainly about good manners and courtesy. Chapter 9 of Trailhead offers handy and important guidelines about everything from who has the right of way on a trail to how to best relieve yourself in the great outdoors to how to do our part to preserve nature.

Join Boulder’s Lisa Jhung to Celebrate the Release of Trailhead!

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Boulder, CO, USA — April 3, 2015 — Please join Boulder’s running community at two upcoming parties celebrating the release of a new book by Boulder-based running journalist Lisa Jhung. Jhung is a veteran trail runner, triathlete, adventure racer, and one of the best-known running gear reviewers in the running industry. Her new book Trailhead: […]