The Best Yoga Move to Strengthen Your Upper Back

Hit Reset Erin Taylor shoulder stretch HR

This article is an excerpt from Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor. In this comprehensive guide, Taylor identifies the 10 most common issues holding athletes back and gives specific poses to solve them.

Get ready to work one of the most commonly overlooked and misplaced areas of your body!

Show your upper body who’s boss by putting your shoulder blades back into place and strengthening your upper back to keep them there.

Shoulder structure is critical for the back core strength required to work out in poses like plank. This deceptively simple routine from Hit Reset will have you breaking a sweat and is great preparation for any weight bearing exercises.

HIT RESET: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor jasyoga

Stand at Attention


  1. Standing straight, turn your palms forward initiating the action from the top of your upper arm bone (rather than just turning your wrists).
  2. Feel your upper back muscles engaging as your shoulder blades move down and in toward the center of your spine.
  3. Keep your shoulder blades in place as you reach your arms open horizontally with palms facing up.
  4. Continue to focus on the work happening in your upper back as those muscles gain strength to stabilize your shoulder blades into their “home.”
  5. Knit your front ribs toward each other to ensure you’re not back bending.
  6. Hold for 2–5(+) minutes!

Gain balance, strength, and mobility with Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga For Athletes by Erin Taylor