The Endurance Sports Junk Food Drawer

endurance sports junk food

Let’s just get this out there: we’ve all got an endurance sports junk food drawer. It might be a desk drawer at work, space in a locker, or a shelf in a cabinet at home that is brimming with pre-packaged, store-bought sports junk food.

To be fair, a lot of these pseudofoods have worked nicely for millions of athletes over many years. One could argue that the endurance sports world as we know it today might not have come to pass without the invention of the Powerbar and Gatorade. There would be fewer people in the sport; many would have moved on to less demanding, bonk-less activities.

I’m happy to report that my own endurance sports junk food drawer has been in hibernation since I started using The Feed Zone Cookbook. Having a bunch of athlete-friendly, easy-to-make portable recipes handy means that I’m eating better and no longer rely on the junk food to fuel workouts.

Just for fun, I took a quick tour of our office to find out what the gang had in storage to fuel their rides, swims, and runs.

Here’s a gallery: