The Reinvention of Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson velonews Skratch Labs

Tim Johnson velonews Skratch LabsAt Interbike last week, one of the VeloPress staff paid a visit to the Skratch Labs booth where Feed Zone Cookbook author Allen Lim was chatting with a bike shop retailer. He stood behind Allen, waiting to say hi, while the retailer thanked Allen for the book saying, “Your book changed my life! People ask me what I’ve done differently this year to make such a big difference in my racing, and I tell them I bought a cookbook!”

So it was fun to read this story on pro cyclist Tim Johnson, who traded in his old-school training approach that led to a disappointing 2011 season to work with Allen and try the Feed Zone approach to nutrition.

Read on: Tim Johnson sheds the old school in in Boulder with Skratch Labs

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