The Reluctant Yogi

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Much like the “problem/solution” approach of Hit Reset, author Erin Taylor developed Jasyoga as a solution to a problem, her own! As a collegiate basketball player in California, Taylor thought yoga was boring. Why waste time that could be better spent on the court or in the weight room? When she ended up sidelined by a spinal injury from overtraining, her activity was limited to just that: yoga with an emphasis on core work and flexibility.

Hit Reset Erin Taylor HR yoga at homThere were no sport-specific solutions available at that time so she began her practice with a more traditional style of Yoga. Taylor remembers wishing there was a class or style that addressed her needs as an athlete. That experience planted the seeds for what would become the Reset Revolution.

The real AHA moment came six months later when the injury had healed and Taylor returned to the basketball court. Prepared for an uphill battle and worrying she would be out of shape, she was shocked by how strong she felt – she was a different athlete. The awareness and control she had gained of her breath, which increased endurance. She had gained the strength and flexibility she needed to become more balanced.

Over the past decade Taylor has dedicated herself to helping as many people as possible avoid the pain of imbalance that she faced. Now running in the U.S., the U.K. and an online video platform, Jasyoga has been embraced by athletes ranging from recreational to elite. Hit Reset is the foundational resource, a practical guide to using yoga to stay in balance, optimize athleticism, and achieve your goals. It’s yoga for real. These days Taylor is rarely able to dedicate more than 5-10 minutes at a time to yoga. But that 5 minutes makes a huge difference because it is part of a daily practice. Sometimes it means finding 5 minutes for some shoulder stretching, other times it means Legs Up the Wall before bed. She even meditates for 2 minutes every morning while the coffee brews! Balance is different for everyone, every day. It’s about paying attention to where you’re at and being willing to respond.

Gain balance, strength, and mobility with Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga For Athletes by Erin Taylor. The HIT RESET approach uses yoga to solve the specific problems you face as an athlete. Her revolutionary way to do yoga can improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle recruitment, breathing and focus, core strength, and durability.