The Swim Speed Workouts Maintenance Program

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Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes photo SSWIntroducing the Swim Speed Workouts Maintenance Program!

You’ve worked very hard to get as wicked fast as you are in the pool right now—let’s not lose it! You’ll always have your new technique, but fitness lingers for no one. Keep your hard-earned swim fitness and tune your technique into tip-top shape with these workouts selected from the Swim Speed Workouts Program.

Swim Speed Workouts Maintenance Program (4 weeks)

Overview: Sheila says swimmers should be able to back off to 75% of their Swim Speed Workouts swimming volume and maintain swim fitness for about 1-2 months. In this Maintenance Program, we’ve scaled back the volume to about 75%, mostly by reducing the number of She-Ra workouts—and also expecting you to reduce some of the sets in each workout because, hey, you’re a Swim Speed Workouts graduate!

We’ve selected workouts from early, middle, and late in the program to mix up the emphasis on feel for the water, high-elbow catch and pull, and good serape timing. We’ve mixed in two She-Ra workouts (one every other week) to keep you sharp and fit. Here’s the schedule:


Workout 1-2: Feel for the water during all three phases of the underwater pull (high-elbow catch, diagonal, and finish.)
Workout 3-1: High-elbow catch and strong kicking to train the core.
Workout 4-1: High-elbow catch and feel. Lower stroke counts to build strength through extra extension.

Workout 5-1: Identify ideal muscle tension and length of stroke.
Workout 8-2: Build muscle tone and toughness by keeping focus as you go the distance.
Workout 5-3 (She-Ra): Long, easy recovery with just a few fast pick-ups.

Workout 9-1: Serape core drive, timing, and high-elbow catch.
Workout 11-1: Serape at various tempo rates (stroke rates).
Workout 12-1: Speed! Fire your muscles faster than ever on the main set! This is about high-quality, neuromuscular effect.

Workout 13-2: Diagonal phase of the underwater pull, descending efforts, and streamlines.
Workout 15-2: Finish phase of the stroke and stroke timing.
Workout 16-3 (She-Ra): Race-speed conditioning.

You could, of course, mix in any of the workouts from the workout deck; this is simply one suggested order that should work nicely to maintain your swimming fitness and speed. If you feel your fitness is high after the 4-week Maintenance Program, you could repeat it. Or you could build some fitness by bringing back the weekly She-Ra workouts in the first and third weeks of this maintenance program.

If you’ve got a meet, race, or open-water swim approaching after Week 4, consider using the Taper Week or the Recovery workouts near the back of Swim Speed Workouts.

And if your training and racing schedule allows it, you could restart the Swim Speed Workouts program from the beginning. The yardage, send-off intervals, and drills are designed to help you improve season after season.

Congratulations on finishing your first round of Swim Speed Workouts! Your next set is a repeat—and don’t forget to descend.

Sheila Taormina’s Swim Speed Series reveals the world’s fastest way to swim.